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Sonarang twin temples located in Sonarang people under Tangibari upazila of Munshiganj district. Two temples stand side by side in a single brick platform surrounded by a moat on three sides and an access road on the east side. Of the two, the West is a temple of Kali and the East is a Shiva temple.


Full Name: Sonarang Twin Temples, Munshiganj


Location: Munshiganj, Dhaka


Sonarang Twin Temples Bangladesh

Photo of Sonarang Twin Temples Bangladesh


The main shrine has two arches, one in the south and west, flanked by curved panels on both sides, and a pattern of three arches over the other two sides. West input consists of an arc around two. The top of the dome is decorated with a frieze of blind tilt. At the front of the sanctuary, the terrace is covered with a flat roof supported by columns, with three arched openings in the south, everyone on the east and west.


Travel From Dhaka: Dhaka to Munshiganj to Sonarang Twin Temples


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